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Dear Neighbor:

     Just a short note to say I hope youíve enjoyed reading the Christmas message - itís a message that plainly answers lifeís most important question. My hope is that youíll continue to enjoy reading it, and that youíll share it with other people you care about.

     Also, I sincerely want you to know that Good News Messenger is dedicated and committed to sending this message to as many people as possible throughout the United States and beyond - at Christmas time and throughout the whole year, too!
If you would like to help us here at GNM in this effort, I welcome and appreciate your support. Itís so essential that we reach everyone we can with this life-changing message.

May God bless you,

John J. Nealon, Ph.D.
Director & Founder
Good News Messenger

     P.S. The Christmas message you just read is available in a beautiful brochure format that is easy to pass along to others. You can receive as many as you like (free of charge) by simply calling or writing GNM.

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